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  • The strength of Zoetermeer

    pratende mensen op terras

    A never-ending story... The story of today's Zoetermeer starts in the year 1962. The story of Zoetermeer in 2030 has also already been written, albeit on paper. Between these two dates lies three-quarters of a century of steady growth and turbulent development.

  • The tasks facing Zoetermeer

    Perspectives for young people. Generations follow one another and the city continues to revitalise itself. Zoetermeer takes this task seriously, as it always has.

  • Investing in Zoetermeer

    Value of the new city centre. A city centre with style. A new municipal vision for the city centre is being published. Together with its partners, Zoetermeer aims to work towards creating the ideal city centre, one with urban appeal to both young and old.

  • The culture of Zoetermeer


    Are you familiar with Zoetermeer? The culture of Zoetermeer features a focus on innovation and leisure time activities.


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